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From Out of Nowhere International, LLC (FOONI) is an entertainment company based in Los Angeles, California, USA, with a Canadian office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. FOONI is focused on the production, management, and licensing of and investment in proprietary and secondary entertainment-related products and personalities. The key objective of FOONI is to translate entertainment product into fiscally-sustainable business assets.




Rob Schneider
As an actor, comedian, screenwriter, and director, Rob Schneider is known worldwide for his skills in comedic character-based storytelling. An alumnus of Saturday Night Live (SNL), Rob has enjoyed a successful movie career in the Top 10 of SNL money-making actors, starring in films generating $3 billion in worldwide box office revenue. Rob is currently in production of a comedy pilot for CBS Productions based loosely on his life marrying into a large, predominantly Hispanic family. An avid environmental advocate, Rob takes a holistic approach to life and FOONI is actively seeking spokesperson opportunities for Rob that speak to his brand of comedy and/or his environmental/naturopathic advocacy. More information is available at Rob’s Official Website (link to and Facebook Fan Page

Status: Actively seeking spokesperson opportunities.




SOS Love & Sex
Starring renowned “love-and-sex-ologist” Silvia Olmedo, this one-woman talk show centres around honest and educational love and sex advice. With hundreds of thousands of Silvia fans around the globe, this show builds on Silvia’s previous successes in television, books, and speaking engagements. More information is available at Silvia’s Official Website and Facebook Fan Page

Status: English and Spanish pilots filmed. Seeking studio/distribution partner for on-going series.




Untitled Boxing Script
Status: Actively seeking studio feedback and support.



Untitled Tom Green Website Opportunity
Status: Actively seeking capital investment.


Other Projects:
We are continually looking for good ideas that fit within the focus on FOONI. Have an idea? Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help turn your idea into reality.

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